Sunday, August 23, 2009

Almost Finished

I'm wrapping up the final details on our bathroom makeover. The floor is done, the new vanity top and faucet is in, and all the bath hardware is up. I just need to hange some photos and/or artwork and I can call the job finished. I plan to post photos tomorrow, I just wanted to wait until I have the final and finished project to share.

In the meantime, look for some other ideas in these lovely bathroom images. All photos are from Enjoy!

Whatever's framed and reflected in mirror in the photo below looks a little scary. Like the shadow of an angry octupus maybe? Other than that monster from the sea, the colors and accents in these room are calming and beach cottagey. While the mirror is not really my taste, it is definately fun and stands out in the room.

Nice and simple. Not sure about the plant that seems to be encroaching on the toliet though? But I love the shower curtain and the soft bluish walls.

This room has the coolest windows at the top.

Looooove the beams at the celing and how they painted them a gorgeous rich blue-green.

Anyone keep track of the number of starfish? I think there are at least 5 of them between all these pictures. I have 2 in my bathroom so I suppose I'm part of the trend. But we can't all live near the beach so we make due with whatever touches of the ocean we can get., right?

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  1. Glad your reno is almost complete. Love those pictures...thanks for sharing!



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