Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Goods, how did I live without you?

I kept seeing posts on blogs about accessories and other fun home decor items people had bought at Home Goods. However, I had never been to one of their stores since the nearest one is over 30 miles away.

On our way back from our weekend trip I convinced my husband to stop there so I could see what they have. While hubby waited in the car (for almost an hour, oops!) I happily browsed the aisles full of delightful decor and elegant accessories. While I only came out of the store with one purchase, I had to pull myself away from the lamps, bright dishes, and beautiful pillows. I know I will be back to visit that store.

Here's my one purchase, a fun box to store the TV remotes in to keep them tidy in the living room.

Of course everything goes better with a cat.

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