Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eye Candy

I seem to be on a green and white kick lately. I love how the two colors look together. I came across some delightful spaces to inspire using mostly those two colors.

[caption id="attachment_376" align="alignnone" width="460" caption=""][/caption]

I love the mix of reds and greens plus the vertical stripes on the wall. The patterns mix well together without being too busy. The crisp white bedcovers and fireplace make it all pop.

[caption id="attachment_377" align="alignnone" width="360" caption=""][/caption]

All the white plus the window and mirror make this tiny bedroom seem much grander in size. The fun pillows and green accents are a perfect complement to the white.

[caption id="attachment_382" align="alignnone" width="360" caption=""][/caption]

I like how they painted the inside of one of the cabinets a bright, fresh green to pop right out among the mostly white kitchen.

[caption id="attachment_383" align="alignnone" width="360" caption=""][/caption]

While I'm not sure what's up with the two TVs on each side of the fireplace, this room is funky and fun. The colors and accents have a retro vibe, but again the mix of green and white leaves the space looking fresh.

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  1. Ooo I love the green and white combo too! It's so fresh.


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