Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too Many Projects, So Little Time

I didn't mean to drop out of blogland for so long again. I've been so busy working frantically on several projects around the house. We are planning on hosting a BBQ on Saturday and with up to 20 people showing up at our house, I've been very motivated to wrap up all the little changes around the house I have been putting off. I have three big kitchen changes to reveal, my second laminate bookcase makeover to show off, and a few simple makeovers to share. I'll try not to leave you hanging too long!

I also recently purchased a used Canon DSLR camera so I will have much clearer and brighter photos to share. I'm amazed at how sharp my photos are compared to my point and shoot camera, especially indoors where the lighting is always an issue.

In the meantime, here are some photos to share that I have taken around the house with my new-to-me camera and 50 mm f1.8 lens (the nifty fifty lens, what a bargain!) I'm still learning all the tricks to getting great photos, but the learning process is so fun.


  1. Wow these are great pictures, so crisp.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you! Come by to get your button.

  3. You will love your new 50!! I just bought the 35mm F2 and super LOVE IT. It's my new fav lens.

    I found you via tracy's treasures blog! Totally following you! We sound a lot alike. I am constantly decorating and "building"!

  4. Such lovely photos - what adorable animals. :-)

    I visit regularly but this is my first comment! So hello! :-)

  5. I left you some sunshine on my blog

  6. oh yay, please send me R's picture! Love the new camera shots....so want one!

  7. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and awards! I hope to get more back into blogging after this weekend.

  8. I can relate to "falling off the face of the earth". Life happens...chaos happens. I really interested to follow your success with the new camera. I want to make the leap into DSLR, but am waiting, saving, and researching options. Beautiful pictures.


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