Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Custom Plant Bench

I posted a few weeks ago about this custom shoe bench we built using Ana's plans from Knock Off Wood. Since it hasn't fallen apart yet, we trusted our carpentry skills enough to construct another bench.

So it was time for some more compressor power with my newest BFF, the wonderfuly delightful nail gun.

Within 20 minutes we were the proud new owners of this bench. You can see the plans for this bench on Knock Off Wood here. We did modify the plans slightly by not notching out the legs on the sides. We were feeling a bit lazy even though we have a jigsaw.

I gave it a couple coats of paint and primer (Behr Touch of Cream) and brought my new bench inside. It was just the right size to fit in our kitchen bay window. I needed something to put my ever growing plant collection on and this bench was the perfect construction project for the job.

Of course like any project, it's not perfect. It's so hard to find lumber at the big box store that is not warped or has tons of knots. We didn't nail one of the legs on very straight. The bench even wobbles back and forth if you try to sit on it. However, I still love that we built it ourselves and it works perfect as a place for my mini indoor garden.

Now if only this photo didn't remind me that I need to replace or repaint that vent cover. It really sticks out against the white!


  1. Great job! Your bench is wonderful. Congratulations! I love Ana at Knock off Wood!

  2. U R MY HERO!!!! I've been playing with the idea of making quite a few furniture peices from Anas plans but have been scared to death.. not becuase I think they will fall apart but because I have never built anything a day in my life lol. My sons toys are EVERYWHERE and at this point I'M OVER IT!! I want a nail gun! so tommorrow Im taking my shopping list to Lowes!!!!!!

  3. I think I have every woodworking tool to man except for a nail gun. Hummm.

  4. I love that! Very impressed you made it. I like the idea of putting plants on a bench in front of a window. Very pretty!

  5. So cute! I love your bench. I have so many projects from Ana's plans to tackle this Spring & Summer, and I can't wait to get started. I might just have to add this one to my list, too! :)

  6. I'd say you are getting the hang of that awesome nail gun. Your bench is amazing! Hmmm, perhaps I can get my (beginner) woodworking husband to build me a lil garden bench of my own. :)

  7. I loooooove my nailgun, it is just so much fun! It makes building things so quick and easy. Just a little squeeze on the trigger and you can have your own bench built in no time!

    I also loves that it drives the nails in deeper so the nail holes are a cinch to fill in.

  8. great bench! yep, gotta love those nail guns! easy peasy!

  9. Love the bench. You did good!!

  10. There is nothing more satisifying than making something yourself, These look good, just be careful with that nail gun!!


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