Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Heart Pier One

Pier One is one of those stores I try to avoid. They have too many cute things that I want to take home, but they are usually too expensive for my crazy cheap self. I had some time to kill before meeting up with Mr. Delightful and my MIL for dinner plus I had some birthday cash sitting in my wallet so I decided to stop in. While there were many beautiful things, I walked out of the store spending only $11.

This little bird plate jumped out at me right away. They have them in several colors and they are $5 each. Since my living room, kitchen, and dining room all have quite a bit of green and white, this one was perfect for my home.

The other accessory that I just couldn't walk away from was this coffee canister. It was on clearance for $5.48. I am not a coffee drinker at all, I don't care for the stuff. Mr. Delightful, however, usually brews some coffee daily. I was tired of the ugly, plastic Folgers can sitting out all the time. Now Mr. Delightful can have his coffee and I can enjoy this pretty little canister that holds the coffee.


  1. this is a bad post to see...i must stay away from that store to save my bank account! im in love with that plate...

  2. I'm like this with way too many stores! I could easily spend an entire paycheck in Target/Pier One/World Market/Home Goods (ok, pretty much any store that sells home decor stuff!).

  3. I love the bird plate. My kitchen needs a facelift before I can start seriously thinking about accessories...but you actually have me thinking maybe I should start stockpiling them ;)

  4. Love the bird plate...I'm getting on a bird kick and I'm blaming Shalom's Cottage Home for it!!! (You would all dig her stuff - and she's a young christian girl making her own way on etsy...) Anyway...that bird plate would also be great above your kitchen cabinets too.
    Awesome finds!!!
    P.S...hold on to your wallets...there's a link on my site for Shalom's cool stuff...

  5. btw...I L-O-ve that you call him Mr. Delightful!

    I don't think I'll call mine Mr. Dirty Hands though...

  6. I LOVE that coffee canister. So pretty! Lovely price, too! :)

  7. I try and tell hubby that he has to help my on my DIY projects so he can live up to his "Mr. Delightful" name.


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