Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mirror Makeover

Ok, first off I'm sorry that I disappeared for a gazillion years in blogging time. If you are reading this, thanks for not totally forgetting about me! I have so many projects to share and some major changes planned for the upcoming months.

Let's start out with a super easy makeover. I found this gold mirror at a thrift store. I love the scrollwork of the frame, but wasn't so thrilled with the gold color.

Enter spraypaint of course. I used a black metallic Rustoleum paint. I sprayed on a light coat so some of the gold pops through. The scrolled edges of the frame made it a pain to tape paper over the mirror. I managed to only get a bit of paint to seep through which I was able to scrape off using a fingernail. Here is how she looks with her new paint job.

I decided the perfect place for the mirror was by our front door. I'm keeping an eye out for a small console type table to put under the mirror. Or I could add a shelf instead. I have a big project planned for this wall though that will have to come first before I make a final decision. (Hint, think board-and-batten.)


  1. Hello! I like what you did with the mirror
    great thrift find

  2. I love spraypaint!!
    I just did a dresser remodel that I posted on my blog a few days ago. Cheap=awesome investment.

  3. Very cool mirror and I like what you did with it!


  4. Love your mirror. Amazing what a little bit of paint can do.

  5. Love the mirror's new look.. very cute. Have you thought about a stool for under the mirror?

  6. Ohh, love it! Spray paint is just the best. I see someone suggested a stool underneath it, but you could also do a wood chair - maybe painted green or turquoise? Then you could set a few little things on it - a silk scarf draped over it, a cool purse, etc. Just a thought! Your mirror redo turned out great! :)

  7. Welcome back. :) Love the mirror. Which way does the door open? How narrow does the table need to be? Can you build one?

  8. I have been thinking about building a table using one of plans on Knock-Off Wood. A stool or chair might work too, thanks for all the ideas!


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