Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Projects-Part 1

So for awhile I've been trying to be patient and not do anything to my kitchen cabinets until we replace the countertops. We are planning to do that sometime this year. I wanted to wait until we had the new countertops installed before going ahead with painting my orangey-oakey-boringey-me-no-likey cabinets. That way, I would have the counters to match different paint colors chips to and select the right tone and shade of paint. This is important because I'm probably going to be brave and paint the upper cabinets and lower cabinets two different colors.

However, I was off work the other day and I just couldn't take it anymore. My plain, unadorned cabinets needed something, anything to spruce them up. So I made a trip to Home Depot and $50 later I came home with some oil-rubbed bronze knobs and pulls for my cabinets. (One good thing about having a small kitchen, buying knobs is cheap when you don't need very many.)

After a couple hours of drilling and going back to Home Depot for longer screws, here is a peek at my cabinets now. These knobs were cheapies at $1.50 each.

The pulls were a bit pricier at almost $4 each. Good thing I only have four drawers in my kitchen. Well, it's only a good thing because it saved me money in this instance.

Mr.Delightful Dwelling came home from work just as I was finishing up. There was wood dust everywhere because I had to drill all the holes for the hardware since our cabinets never had any. He asked "What in the world did you do to make such a mess?!" He was totally oblivious to the new cabinet knobs, he just noticed all the dust everywhere. Men. As long as he lets me do what I want to the kitchen, I can't complain too much when he doesn't notice what I've done.

I can't show off the whole kitchen just yet without revealing my next mini-makeover project. I have a new wide angle camera lens ordered and on its way. Then I can get some good shots of the whole room to share.


  1. Hahaha he didn't notice the new handles. Typical

  2. That's so funny that he didn't notice! What a huge difference new hardware makes, though - I remember putting on our new hardware (after removing the grimy original 1968 hardware - ew) and being totally floored at how that simple switcharoo had completely changed the look of the kitchen. Can't wait to see the reveal! :)

  3. Knobs make a HUGE difference with these cabinets. I have the same cabinets, but when I moved into the house, they had knobs. (At least that meant there was no need for me to drill the holes.) But, the knobs were those cheapy wooden knobs in the same orangey-oakey color, with a ring of shiny brass inset. I HATE that shiny brass, which looks so dated. I bought some cast-iron-ish knobs and pulls (in my case, with a sort of "leaf" design) and they immediately upgraded the cabinets. Suddenly the wood that I hated and had planned to paint over actually looked kind nice and almost high-end.

  4. Nice upgrade with those knobs! You're smart to wait to paint your cabinets too. We did the opposite - painted our cabinets and are waiting on the countertops for now. Luckily we went all white with the cabinets though, so they'll pretty much match anything!

    Thanks for weighing in on our dining room curtains - still trying to make a decision on that one, but I agree that the art needs an update :)


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