Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a Twister!

We had some crazy weather last night. I started cooking dinner around 4:45 after work and it get really dark very fast. Right around 5:15 it started pouring rain and the wind was blowing like crazy. The tornado sirens started sounding about this time. We sat down to eat dinner anyways(you get used to hearing the sirens when you are in the Midwest) and watched the storm come through. We heard a weird low humming noise and weren't sure what it was. My hubby said, "Well it doesn't sound like a freight train so I don't think it's a tornado." I wish I had been looking outside more because I probably would have seen the funnel cloud and tornado that hit very close to our house! There were 4 reported tornados in our area. We were blessed to have no damage at our house, but many homes and businesses in the area had serious damage.

Here are some photos viewers submitted to the local news stations, KSDK and KMOV, of the tornado that hit very close to us:





Now I just wish I had been able to take some pictures. I know it's crazy to want a picture of  a tornado, but I like watching storms. So I will count my blessings that we didn't have any damage and that there were no reported injuries from the storm. Does anyone else have any storm stories to share? Were you ever in a tornado or hurricane?


  1. Summer storms always make me want to watch Twister :)

  2. Twister or the Wizard of Oz!

  3. That was one freaky storm alright. Scared Wendell the cat into the closet, the safest place in the house!

  4. That is funny that you said how you guys ignored the sirens. I live in Michigan and we hear them quite a bit as well and usually ignore them. Maybe I should learn a lesson from this as well!

  5. I live in Texas and I've seen several funnel clouds and two actual tornados on the ground. Thankfully, our home has never been hit. I'm terrified of them, but I am also fascinated by them. So glad you were safe!

  6. Oh my goodness....I would pee my pants. I don't live in tornado country. That is so scary!


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