Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm still alive, part 2!

I'm still here, trying to recover from all the madness that this summer has been full off. Right now I'm relaxing after hosting a bridal shower and stuffing way too many people in my little house. Which looks wayyyy different than the photos on my blog show.

My living room and dining room are no longer green. My oak cabinets are no longer oak. My white countertops are no long white. And I'm being mean and not sharing photos just yet! I'm still waiting for my elusive new area rug to arrive. It was on backorder and won't arrive until September. Then I will start going photo crazy!


  1. You are mean! I want pictures! Now!!! :)
    Oh, I hate it when things are on backorder. I am way too. Like your photos of your progress, I want it now, now, now! LOL.

  2. I meant to say I am way too impatient. :)

  3. Pictures. Now!!! I keep checking back, month after month, and nothing new. I'm dying to see it! I do understand the desire not to show it until it is "perfect" though.


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